Follow these simple steps to install and test OpenCMS.

1. Download openCMS
2. Copy/import war file into eclipse environment
3. Add opencms war project on tomcat server(you can merge steps 2 & 3 by copying war file directly uner tomcat webapp directory)
4. Configure opncms.proeprties for database connection strings
5. In case your database user doesnt have rights to create new database then follow next step
6. Use table creation script  /setup/database/mysql_41/create_tables.sql directly to create tables yourself using sql admin
7. Start tomcat server(note you will see few exceptions on console, ignore those for now, you should able to follow next steps)
7. Login to setup console using http://localhost:8080/opencms/setup/
8. Continue with steps(Note: here you need to specify the database name if its existing and uncheck the “Create Database & Table option, as we have already created tables)
9. Continue till setup imports all required files
10. Once completed, Login to application workspace using http://localhost:8080/opencms/opencms/system/login/