Search Sites to register your website:

1. Yahoo:

2. Google:

Basic guidelines:

  1. Make sure to add relevant keywords and Page/site description using meta tag
  2. Make sure your page has most of the keywords mentioned in meta tag
  3. Avoid duplicate content on same page (Hint: Duplicate content dilutes relevancy)
  4. Avoid 302 redirects on the page. Use 301 Redirects (301 redirects informs the engine of the new destination page for your old urls)  Link:
  5. Prepare SEO friendly URLs example instead of
  6. Use <title> tag with relatvent page title.
  7. Make use of <h1> whereverpossible. Add <h1> tags that include targeted keywords
  8. Add sitemap on page to expose all possible links to search engine. Example:
  9. Links should be created for keywords of interests (hint: increases value and ranking of the linked pages)
  10. On a related note, provide to links from home page to the pages those are required to appear most. (hint:  Pages linked form homepage gets higher ranking)
  11. add html copy for flash content as search engine cannot read flash content.
  12. Improve copy by using specific name vs generic name. Example: use product name like ‘Apple iPod Manual’, ‘Apple iTune Manual’ instead of naming it as ‘Product Manual’
  13. Avoid images used for representing text. If you cannot avoid then use ALT tag of <img to specify same text. This ensures all copy on the page is able to read by engine.
  14. Use descriptive and unique words in thenfilenames and alt tags
  15. Include targeted  keywords in the titles and filenames of all videos (this improves ranking of the pages and videos on search engine. Also allows user to link directly to videos.

Useful links:

I will be adding few more .. stay tuned. feel free to respond with your comments and suggestion to improve the information.